Monday, February 18, 2013

Week of 2.11.13 to 2.16.13 – Sleep with new Baby??

Running – 20.77 miles (3hrs 8m)
Cycling – 29.46 miles (1 hour 40m)
Swimming – 1094 yards(25m)
Weight Training - 1 hour



Trying to get back into the routine since baby Carter was born on 02.02.13. So far it hasn't affected training too bad, he has been pretty much the perfect baby so far, only crying when he is hungry or dirty. We were hoping to get a easy baby far so good. My weekend training has defiantly been much earlier than previously, but I am sure once everything settles down then I can make adjustments.

My wife and I both know that getting enough rest is important when having such a busy schedule. Two weeks into the new born, this is currently how we do night time. At 7:30 my wife will breast feed baby Carter until he falls asleep and then she moves to the living room basinet. At 8:00 my wife takes our 2 year old Brooklynn into our bed and lays with her until she falls asleep, at the same time I take our 7 year old Kyle to his bed and read to him while keeping an ear out for Baby Carter out in the living room. Once I read to my son, I tuck him in and head back out to the living room to keep a better eye on baby Carter. Once my wife gets Brooklynn to sleep, she will then come out to the living room with me for some relax time. She will stay out there with baby Carter and sleep on the recliner while I head to bed to lay with Brooklynn. This will last until around 1 am when my son gets up and heads to our bed, he then wakes me up and I make room for him. Roughly an hour later my daughter will wake up and head out to the living room to wake up my wife and ask for something to drink. My wife will then get her a drink and move baby carter to the basinet in our room, wake and kick me out of bed, then she lays down with the kids in our bed. I will then head out to the couch and sleep until 4am when my alarms goes off. I know this sounds crazy, but it is what is working right now.

Oh did I forget to mention we are also moving next weekend…ha..let the madness continue.

Below is a picture of Baby Carter with his Brother and Sister. J






Sunday, November 20, 2011

Death at finish of Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

San Antonio, TX – News has been circuiting the web that another runner has died in a ½ marathon/marathon. The runner was 32 year-old Jorge Fernandez who was declared dead shortly after collapsing just past the finish line of the 13.1 mile rate. The Bexar County medical examiner’s office has yet to determine a cause of death. “Fernandez, a one-time student at the University of Texas at San Antonio who graduated from Texas Tech in 2010, was a decorated Air Force staff sergeant who served two tours in Iraq, the last in 2006. He worked as a nurse in the surgical intensive-care unit of University Hospital after moving from Lubbock this year to be closer to his family (Oliver, 2011).”

This asks the question why do so many marathoners die? In most cases with runner’s deaths, it is because of an underlying health/genetic heart condition/defect that cause heart attacks and other cardiac related problems. We all know that running marathons puts a lot of strain on the body and combine that with hot temperatures and other factors and an ailment that may have been overlooked may pop out and kill an individual.
During a long running event as in this marathon, the heart becomes under more and more stress throughout the race as the body begins to fall into exhaustion. If dehydration starts to set in, the heart will work even harder to push diminishing volume of blood through the body.
Fernandez’s death is the fourth U.S. marathon death in two months and the third involving the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series fun by the San Diego-based Competitor Group. This may scare people away from running or competing in a marathon. I would consider that amongst the general population, marathon participants are probably less likely than their non-active peers to die from common conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.



Oliver, R. (2011, November 14). Death at finish mars rock 'n' roll marathon. Retrieved from

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heart Rate Calculator

This is a pretty cool Heart Rate Calculator..What methods do you use?


Running Inspiration: Heart Attack Survivor Becomes A Marathoner

WOW! Check out this inspiriting story about Elizabeth Majuolo journey to her first marathon. In 2004 at the you age of 28 she suffered a heart attack, how scary is that? Also, the doctors had no justification to why she had a heart attack so young. Now Elizabeth is 36 years old and is a 5 time marathoner. Read her article below and find some tips that she gives about starting a habit, gaining speed, what she loves about runners , and thoughts on barefoot running,